Kaley Cuoco And Pete Davidson’s ‘Meet Cute’ Gets A Release Date On Peacock

Meer cute
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Pete Davidson might be in the midst of a breakup in real life. But he is finding love once again onscreen. In Peacock’s upcoming romantic comedy Meet Cute, Davidson plays Gary, who at first seems to click with Sheila (Kaley Cuoco) on their first date. But things quickly become a lot more challenging.

If you’re eager to see Davidson and Cuoco’s chemistry in a romantic comedy with a shocking sci-fi twist, you’re in luck! Because the premiere of Meet Cute is coming up soon.

Meet Cute gets a release date

Meet Cute is directed by Alex Lehmann and written by Noga Pnueli. The story follows Gary (Davidson) and Sheila (Cuoco) as they navigate a time-traveling romance after Sheila finds a time machine in a nail salon and uses it to repeatedly relive and perfect her first date with Gary. Meet Cute will now premiere on Peacock, according to Deadline. Instead of a theatrical debut, the romantic comedy will make its online streaming platform debut on September 21.

Davidson and Cuoco appear to be an unlikely pairing for a romantic comedy. As they have different comic styles and have appeared in different types of projects. And, obviously, the film arrives at an uncanny time. Davidson is currently dealing with a publicized real-life breakup. Meanwhile, Cuoco has recently divorced equestrian Karl Cook and is dating actor Tom Pelphrey. It will be interesting to see how their chemistry as co-stars develops and if it is sufficient to make the rom-com a success.

Meet Cute is set to premiere on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, on Peacock.

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