JSPaint: Now You Can Use Classic MS Paint In Any Web Browser

Last year, when Microsoft announced that it was going to kill Paint app after 32 years, an incredible amount of nostalgic feelings were expressed by the fans on the web. Later, Microsoft said that they’ll be bringing Paint to Windows Store.

There exist tons of third-party MS Paint-alternatives on the web but the new JSPaint tool imitates the software perfectly. It’s a free, web-based app that can be accessed on any operating system via web browsers.

If you visit the JSPaint website in your web browser, you’ll find the overall interface pretty familiar and MS Paint-like. The version resembles the older versions of Paint, not the ones which ship with Windows 10 or 8.1. However, you can change the theme to modern by accessing “Extras” option in Menu.

But don’t let its looks deceive you. JSPaint is actually an improved version of MS Paint. Some of the newly added features included are unlimited undos, editing of transparent images, SVG file support, mobile support, GIF creation, etc.

The developer of JSPaint further aims to add new features and improve the web-based Paint app. You can visit the project’s GitHub page for detailed information, hidden features, and planned roadmap.

Overall, JSPaint is a pretty solid MS Paint replacement. In the past, we’ve published a list of some more alternatives as well. Do give them a try.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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