JioCinema Buffering? Here’s How To Fix The Problem And Enjoy FIFA Live-Stream

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The FIFA World Cup 2022 kicked off on November 20 with a grand opening ceremony at Al Bayt Stadium in Qatar. Following that, Ecuador and Qatar played their first game, which the host nation lost. Many Indian viewers were dissatisfied after experiencing technical difficulties while live-streaming the inaugural football world cup event on JioCinema. Some people took the humorous route and posted memes. While others used the microblogging platform to complain about the disruptions they encountered. And JioCinema quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.

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Even when their internet connection was of sufficient quality, many people complained buffering issues. JioCinema has acknowledged the problem and stated that their staff is working tirelessly to address the buffering issues. But amid this, there is a way to improve the quality of your streaming while using the JioCinema app or the wbsite.

How to fix JioCinema buffering issue?

1. General troubleshooting steps

Before diving into anything advanced, it’s always a good idea to go over the basics. Here are some general troubleshooting steps you should try or consider:

  • Reload the page or restart your browser.
  • Restart your computer/ device.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks.
  • To test the problem, try another device.
  • Avoid using the school/company network.
  • Uninstall and reinstall app

If this doesn’t work, try the next solution.

2. Check your internet connection

The most common cause of JioCinema buffering is an unstable or unreliable internet connection. To watch JioCinema smoothly, you’ll need a valid and fast internet connection. You can try the following steps to test your internet connection and resolve the issue:

  • Try rebooting your router and modem. Unplug the power cables from your router and modem, wait at least 30 seconds before reconnecting them, and then plug the cables back into both devices. When your Internet connection is restored, check to see if JioCinema is still loading slowly.
  • Check for overcrowding if you’re watching JioCinema on Wi-Fi. In other words, if your Wi-Fi is linked to multiple devices, disable the Wi-Fi feature on the devices you don’t need right now. (If possible, also use a wired connection. It would provide a more stable and reliable connection, potentially speeding up video loading.)
  • Pause the video for a few moments. This allows your streaming video to build a larger buffer. This allows the video to play for a longer period of time before it needs to buffer again.
  • Google “Internet speed test” and select a tool to measure your Internet connection speed. If your Internet connection is unusually slow, contact your Internet service provider for assistance.
  • If you’re using a VPN to access JioCinema, you can test which server provides the fastest speed. Make sure to use a secure VPN since free VPNs are usually slow and they may trigger JioCinema errors.

If your Internet connection seems fine but JioCinema is still buffering, try the next fix.

3. Try Updating Your JioCinema app

You could try updating your JioCinema App. An outdated app may cause random connection problems. You should double-check that yours is up to date and working properly. To Update you app go to playstore/ Appstore> Find the latest version> Click update.

4. Clear browser/ App cache

When your browser stores an excessive or broken cache, it can slow down your connection or cause strange web browser behaviour. If your JioCinema is still buffering, try clearing your browser cache. Here’s how:

To access your browser’s cache-clearing feature, simultaneously press Ctrl, Shift, and Delete. This hotkey should work in most browsers. But if it doesn’t, look for clear browsing data/history in your browser settings. And click clear data.

Image: Oviya Priyadharshini/ Fossbytes

If you are JioCinema App user then select Settings from the hamburger menu> General> Clear cache, which clears cache, cookies, and web storage data.

Image: Oviya Priyadharshini/ Fossbytes

Voila! There you have it. Just incase these fixes doesn’t help you and you still find having the same issue all over again try contacting your JioCinema support care system.

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