Jio Gaming Console Reveal Was As Painful To Watch As It Was Embarrassing


Jio gaming console, which is actually a set-top-box, was recently unveiled at Reliance AGM 2019 and just like the rest of India, we have no idea regarding its actual specifications and capabilities. Reliance Jio showcased the gameplay of FIFA 19 on their latest set-top/streaming device/gaming console. People presenting the gaming console interchangeably used terms like ‘graphics, ‘multiplayer gaming network’ and other buzz words.

So from what I was able to gather from the Jio Gaming Console reveal here is everything that you need to know.

Jio Gaming Console Specs, Launch Date, Price

“The gaming graphics in the Jio set-top box are on par with the best in the world” — this was said during the event. Well, on par with what? Sadly no one confirmed what the people on the stage were comparing the Jio box or console with.

Moreover, it’s also claimed to support gameplay in 4K. This also raises many questions: how is it doing so? Is it streaming the games off of the internet? Is it rendering the games locally? What exactly are we talking about here?

I figured out some points regarding the Jio set-top box/console hybrid when the person on stage mentioned that with the Jio fiber gamers will get the much desired low-latency gaming experience.

From this, I was able to put together the picture that Jio gaming console is some kind of streaming device which utilizes data centers from other places to stream games on your TV.

A presenter on the stage also talked about “the graphics card that we’ve enjoyed.” I could understand if someone misspoke a word, but this entire sentence makes no sense. Firstly, how can there be a graphics card or GPU in the Jio console if it is a streaming device? If it is not a streaming device, then what are the specs of the machine or at least of the ‘graphics card that you enjoyed?’ we may never know.

Another confusing thing that happened during the press conference was the announcement of partner game development studious. The game showcased was FIFA 19, which is owned by Electronic Arts, however, the company wasn’t mentioned in the list of partner game studios. I mean, you’re expected to at least showcase the company whose game you’re using as a demo for your presentation. If not as a common practice then at least as a professional courtesy.

People have also pointed out that the gameplay of FIFA 19 was either from a PC or an Xbox One, on the basis of the button layout. In the end, Jio Gaming console, from what I understand, will be a streaming service kind of like Google Stadia. However, at this point, nothing is clear about the Jio gaming console.

The console or set-top box will come free with Jio fiber with Rs. 700 per month plan on September 5, 2019.

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