JingOS V0.9 Linux Distro Released With New Features And Improvements

UI changes and additional settings are major highlights of this release.

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Inspired by the iPadOS, JingOS is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution for devices with touch input. We’ve been closely following JingOS since its first public release of V0.6. The people behind JingOS have also created a device that runs JingOS called the JingPad A1, an ARM-based tablet that comes with a detachable keyboard.

A new version of the distro is now available to download, and it brings quite a few interesting features and improvements. In this article, let’s talk about the JingOS V0.9.

JingOS V0.9: What’s New?

UI Changes And Improvements

JingOS V0.9 now has an adaptive layout, meaning it can adjust according to the resolution and run perfectly on devices with different resolutions. The user can also adjust the resolution by going to the settings. Some of the other things added to the Settings app are VPN, Time zone, Bluetooth, Mouse, Wallpaper, and Keyboard.

Opening the notification shade and the control panel feels more iPadOS’ish thanks to the Gaussian blur effect. Apart from that, the “status bar flashing” problem while switching between apps is now solved using the superposition and fusion mode of the status bar and the Window.

The charging pop-up will now show on the lock screen when you plug in your device. In addition to that, there’s now an included pop-up frame for volume and brightness adjustment. The OS now supports Chinese and English.

JingOS V0.9: Other Improvements

JingOS now has a complex password option in the settings where you can mix up special characters and numbers to create a strong password. Apart from that, the built-in Files app now supports compressing and decompressing Zip, tar, 7zip, and AR archives.

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The mouse accuracy is now improved and includes new shortcuts similar to the hot corners feature found on Linux distributions.

Download the JingOS V0.9 from the official download page

What do you think of JingOS or JingPad A1? Do you think that iPadOS like styling makes it better or a Linux distro is much more than that? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Abubakar Mohammed

Abubakar Mohammed

Abubakar is a passionate tech writer whose love for tech started in 2011 when he got a Dell Inspiron 5100. When he's not covering Linux and open-source, you'll find him binge-watching anime or Tech content on YouTube.

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