Jimmy Kimmel “Leaks” Olivia Cooke’s New Avatar As Queen Alicent In HOTD

She is impeccable.

Jimmy Kimmel "Leaks" Olivia Cooke's New Avatar As Queen Alicent In HOTD
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Jimmy Kimmel Live show is famous for inviting the most happening and favorite celebrities. Moreover, continuing its tradition, the makers have moved on to the most popular series House of the Dragon. Jimmy Kimmel has invited Olivia Cooke on the set. The actress will be playing the role of Queen Alicent Hightower in the series.

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However, her fantastic interview was not the only treat of the night. Jimmy Kimmel also shared a brief snippet of her role from the forthcoming episode. So without any further ado, let’s check it out down below.

Olivia Cooke makes her debut on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show

The brief snippet sums up her entire interview in ten minutes. However, the intriguing part for House of the Dragon fans is at the beginning. The clip shows Alicent enjoying a tea party with Lord Lyonel Strong’s son Larys Strong a.k.a the Clubfoot. Both of them seem to be discussing Ser Otto Hightower’s dismissal from King’s Hand.

The brief snippet is expected to be part of the sixth episode, flaunting Olivia’s incredible acting skills. Moreover, Olivia also confesses how she lied to the makers of watching GOT to be a part of the prequel series. With that said, let’s discuss the upcoming episode in the next section of this article.

What to expect from House of the Dragon Episode 6?

The new installment will depict the new faces fighting for the Iron Throne. Many new members, like Emma D’Arcy, Olivia Cooke, etc., will join the series. Moreover, we’ll be witnessing the beginning of the civil war.

In addition to this, Daemon Targaryen will marry Lord Carolys’ daughter Laena, and more alliances will be formed in the new episode. After the last installment’s uproar, fans can expect the series to pick up its pace rapidly.

That’s all we have for this article. Until the sixth episode arrives, check out why HOTD is using the Game of Thrones opening sequence.

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