Every Jenna Ortega Movie And TV Show Releasing After Wednesday

What surprises are in store from this star?

All Jenna Ortega Shows Releasing After Wednesday
Image: Netflix

Wednesday was Netflix‘s biggest debut week ever, surpassing Stranger Things season four. Let’s face it: Jenna Ortega stepping into the shoes of the Addams’ plaited, deadpan icon and absolutely owning the character like she invented it, is a big reason for that. Jenna Ortega is currently the hottest property in film because, quite frankly, she is an icon, a legend, and she is the moment. And here is every movie and TV show she is set to appear in.

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All Jenna Ortega shows releasing after Wednesday

Miller’s Girl

Image: IMDb

Ortega is now shooting Miller’s Girl, a comedy/drama about a talented student. Given her shown real-life skills, which include learning to play the cello, directing Wednesday’s dance, and more, it would be intriguing to see Ortega play the role of a gifted pupil.

There isn’t much information available about the project yet. But the synopsis says it revolves around a creative writing assignment given to a gifted student that produces complex outcomes. Ortega is slated to star in the movie. So, even though no character identities have been disclosed, it is likely that she will play the gifted student or perhaps a close friend.

Scream 6

Having played Tara in Scream in 2022, Ortega will return to the role in Scream 6 in a bigger capacity. Scream 6 is the sixth entry in the Ghostface franchise. And it is a revival of the original franchise that is renowned for its meta approach to horror.

In the sequel, Tara will have more character development, according to Ortega, who is eager to do so because the first film didn’t provide much opportunity for it. It will be intriguing to see how Tara’s character has developed since the first movie, and audiences can anticipate a return to New York City in 2019. The movie will release on March 10.


Image: IMDb

Jenna Ortega will play the lead role in the thriller Finestkind, which is currently in post-production. Set in Boston, the film will follow two brothers who reunite as adults one summer only to become embroiled in a risky crime scandal. Bonds, loyalty, and the brothers’ humanity are ultimately put to the test when a young woman (Ortega) gets caught in the middle.

Although Ortega is known as the “Scream Queen” for her work in the supernatural and horror genres, it seems like this thriller may lean more toward a real-life thriller/horror approach. Although the identity of Ortega’s character has not yet been revealed, being involved in a criminal investigation is horrifying in a far different way from the horrors shown in Scream or Wednesday.

It will be fascinating to observe how Ortega develops in her new position in a related but different genre. While not much is known about Finestkind at this time, Paramount+ bought the streaming rights early this year. So viewers can anticipate it shortly.

Wednesday Season 2

Netflix is yet to renew Wednesday for a second season. However, it is highly plausible, given how well-liked it is and how quickly it has become a global phenomenon. It won’t be long before Netflix announces the second season of Wednesday because the first season set viewing records.

Of course, Ortega would return to portray the lead role and carry on the Addams family’s narrative. Many people are hoping that Wednesday season 2 will arrive as soon as possible because Tim Burton’s interpretation of the story has struck a chord with viewers and propelled Ortega into the spotlight.

Based on Ortega’s prior work and her diverse list of prospective projects, she seems to be just getting started. She is undoubtedly open to trying new things in order to advance as an actress, including taking on a range of roles and projects while continuing to make a name for herself in the horror genre. And viewers may continue to see Jenna Ortega in a number of shows as Wednesday’s popularity soars.

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