You Still On 4G? Japan Starts Preparing For 6G Launch By 2030

Japan 6G launch by 2030

The world is soon going to adopt the latest 5G networking standard and various service providers are on their way to launch their 5G sim cards. Amidst all, Japan has maintained its legacy by being a step ahead of the world as the country has already started planning and preparing an outline for introducing 6G technology.

Japan has the aim of creating a network that will be 10 times faster than the 5G network which is yet to be introduced. Along with Japan, South Korea, Finland, and China have also started their research for the development of networks efficient than 5G.

Japan’s Research and Development

As per the latest report by Nikkei, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan has decided to establish a government-civilian society of research this month. The country will invest $2.03 billion in the research and development of 6G.

6G technology is expected to provide a speed 10 times faster than what the world will witness in the 5G technology. Unused high-frequency waves will be used in the 6G network.

Developments To Launch 6G Technology

The companies targeting to introduce 6G technology by the starting of the next decade have already started their process of research and development. In November 2019, the Chinese government also stated that it is going to set up two research and development institutions for 6G technology. Several Universities in Finland and a few government-affiliated institutions have also initiated the projects based on 6G research and development last year. LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics have already established their research centers for 6G technology in South Korea.

A few network service providers in Japan are expected to launch 5G technology by the end of April 2020. 5G network will soon gain popularity in the following few years but various countries have already moved their aim towards developing the 6G technology which is going to be much more capable in terms of data downloading and uploading speed than 5G.

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