Janus One is a No-nonsense Phone That Runs 90 Days on a Single Charge


janus-oneAccording to you, which feature of your phone needs a serious upgrade? To this question, most of you will abruptly say “battery” without much hesitation. Back in the day, when feature phones ruled the market, 5-6 days battery life wasn’t a problem. These days, when your phone’s battery is low, all you want to do is make some urgent calls instead of worrying about features like camera, music player, or Internet. Realizing the same need, Janus One has been created.

Before reading ahead, note that Janus One isn’t a smartphone. It even has lesser features than lots of feature phones, but its battery life beats them all. Janus One promises a standby time of 90 days, 12 hours talk time and – everything comes housed in a credit card sized phone.

Janus One is currently available on Kickstarter. It makes and receive calls, works as a power bank to your primary smartphone, and you can use it as an extension to your phone. Janus One comes equipped with 1,500mAh battery that is enough for this little master to complete the single charge 3-months’ run.

Janus one is just 5.5mm thin and it can easily slip inside your wallet. It’s water resistant, you can send text messages and it comes with Bluetooth capability. Talking more about the appearance, Janus One is available in Black, White, and gold.


You can reserve your Janus One on Kickstarter for $69. You are having the choice to pay $10 for a T-Mobile SIM that has 30 minutes valid for 90 days.

More details about Janus One is expected to come in upcoming weeks.

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Adarsh Verma

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