Jamf Now Makes Managing Your Company’s Apple Devices A Dream


Whether you’re a new or growing company, one of the first things you should think about is outfitting your employees with company phones and computers. Apple’s MacOS and iOS offer a tightly-knit ecosystem that makes collaboration between users nearly seamless. As such, outfitting your company with Macs, iPads, and iPhones seems like a no-brainer. But wait, doesn’t that mean you’ll also need to hire an IT department that specializes in MacOS and iOS? With Jamf Now, you can support your entire company’s IT needs without hiring expensive IT professionals.

Jamf Now is a mobile device management (MDM) platform that uses automation to set up, manage, and protect your company’s Apple devices within minutes. Without an MDM, it can take hours to set up each new device’s settings such as Wi-Fi or email whenever you have a new hire, but Jamf Now lets you remotely configure all iPads, iPhones, and Macs at once.

Jamf Now also allows you to centrally deploy apps to all of your company’s devices over the air, and you can even redeploy licenses as your workforce changes. Finally, Jamf Now secures your devices by enforcing passcodes and encryption over the air; you can also remotely lock or wipe devices, which is useful if a device is lost or needs to be reset once an employee leaves your company. 

MacOS and iOS creates the perfect ecosystem for collaboration, so why not use the only MDM solution that configures, manages, and secures Apple devices easily? With Jamf Now, you can manage 3 company devices for free, and manage each new device for just $2 per month. You can learn more about Jamf Now here.



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