Jack Dorsey Wants To Be Called ‘Block Head’

Jack Dorsey don't want to be called CEO anymore.

Jack Dorsey Block Head
Image: Jack Dorsey Twitter

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey resigned from its CEO position last year. After leaving Twitter, Jack joined Block (formerly Square), a company that he co-founded as CEO. Earlier this week, Block filed a filing with the Securities And Exchange Commission confirming a change in Jack Dorsey’s title.

Jack Dorsey Block Head

As per the filing, Jack’s title at Block is changed from Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairperson” to “Block Head and Chairperson.” The changes are already effective starting 20 April. The filing also confirms there will be no change in Jack’s roles and responsibilities. He will continue to serve Block as a principal executive.

However, on the Block Investor website, Jack’s position is still mentioned as CEO, Chairman, and co-founder of Block. If you visit the Block Investor website and check the leadership section. Most executives’ titles are mentioned as Lead except CFO Amrita Ahuja.

Almost a decade ago, Jack had tweeted, “Titles, like “CEO”, get in the way of doing the right thing. Respect to the people who ignore titles, and fight like hell for what is right.” And finally, he requested Block to remove the CEO from his title.

Last year, Tesla filed a filing with the SEC announcing Elon Musk is the “Technoking” at Tesla, and CFO Zach Kirkhorn is the “Master of Coin.” However, despite the changed title, they kept their position as CEO and CFO.

In the case of Jack, he has gone ahead and changed his position from CEO to Head. What do you think about Jack Dorsey’s approach? Do let us know in the comments?

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