iWork 12.0 Update Is A Big Overhaul For Apple Work: Here’s What’s New In Pages, Numbers & Keynote

iWork 12.0 update
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Apple’s work suite, iWork, has received the iWork 12.0 update, bringing some cool features. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote have all been updated. These features include publishing directly to Apple Books, new and improved shortcuts, and voice controls.

The iWork 12.0 update brings functional changes to how you interact with these apps on your Apple device. For instance, the improved shortcuts integration means you can set a neat command to open the apps you use most. You can now use Siri shortcuts on your Apple device to open Pages or start creating a Keynote.

iWork 12.0 Update: What’s New?

Here’s a complete list of what’s new on Pages, Numbers, and Keynotes with the iWork 12.0 update.


Apple has made it more convenient to publish larger files from Pages to Apple Books. The Mac side of things integrates with Mac Shortcuts too. Other than that, here’s the full update:

  • Published directly to Apple Books with larger file sizes of up to 2GB.
  • Insert page numbers anywhere in your document.
  • Edit the font size more precisely with up to two decimal places.
  • Quickly start writing a new document on your iPhone — touch and hold the Pages app icon on the Home Screen.
  • Read comments and track changes using VoiceOver


Apple’s MS Excel alternative has also received some love with this update. Here’s what’s new in Numbers with the iWork 12.0 update:

  • Copy a snapshot of table cells without formulas, categories, or hidden values.
  • Edit the font size more precisely with up to two decimal places.
  • Create formulas and quickly fill cells with autofill using VoiceOver.


While the iWork 11.2 update brought a lot of new features to Keynote, this one got minor updates to it. However, it is still in line with the Pages and Numbers app and is still a powerful tool.

  • Enlarge slides to a maximum zoom level of 400%.
  • Edit the font size more precisely with up to two decimal places.

While that’s all about the iWork 12 update, you can check out our list of best default Apple apps that you must try. However, if you’re someone that likes Apple devices but doesn’t want an ecosystem commitment, we believe this article should help.

Do let us know what you think about iWork compared to MS Office. We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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