It’s Time to Get Yourself a 3D Selfie With CloneMe


3d-selfie-Short Bytes: Every alternate day, we are amazed by the ever-increasing applications of 3D printing. Ranging from printing prosthetics for children to a whole car, 3D printing is establishing itself as the future of manufacturing. Along the similar lines, a Bengaluru-based startup CloneMe has decided to come up with a unique idea that lets you print your own 3D printed replicas. 

Ever imagined a miniaturized figurine of yourself, that you could play with? Now this is possible. The omnipresent selfies have now moved to the next level of three dimensions, thanks to a Bangalore-based startup CloneMe which uses 3D printing to create miniaturized replicas of humans as well as objects.

3D printing as we know  is a built-up process, wherein an object is created from a digital image by placing a material, layer upon layer, in the required shape. The creator behind this startup, CloneMe is Siddharth Rathod, a Bengaluru-born 24-year-old graduate in Electronics and Communications from Bangalore.

The startup has already started operating by opening a store in the city, and it attracts a large crowd because of the innovation.

Now let’s see how the process works- first the customer gets his or her body scanned by standing on a turntable and facing a scanner. Just as a camera is to 2D photograph, a scanner is to a 3D-printed figurine.

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After being clicked, the image is transmitted to CloneMe’s production unit at Gandhi Nagar, where the statuettes are manufactured. It takes another four to seven days to deliver the product, depending upon the size of the replica. The innovator duo plans to extend the application of the product to medical services along with architectural designs and gifts.

3D-printing could have huge applications in the medical area, where surgeons can cut down on time and money by creating 3D replicas of the body parts where they need to do a surgery.

All we can hope now is that the day is not too far when we will see kids playing with their own miniature replicas.

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