ISIS Moving To The Dark Web To Escape Hackers And Spread Its Message


Short Bytes: In order to protect its online operations from security agencies and hackers, and to propel its propaganda, ISIS is looking to find shelter in the Dark Web. It should be noted after the recent attacks on Paris, the terrorist group is facing more surveillance and cyberattacks.

The Islamic State terrorists are learning new tricks to hide their identities and protect their online forums. Reportedly, the militants are now turning to the dark web to protect their identity and spread their message in a safer way.

In the wake of the recent Paris attacks by ISIS terrorists, Anonymous hacker group launched a widespread cyberattack on ISIS Twitter accounts and online forums. Calling the #OpParis campaign their biggest till date, the hacktivists have been unable to unmask thousands of ISIS-affiliated Twitter handles.

The hacktivist group has also released 3 guides for the common people to hack, detect, and report ISIS Twitter accounts and websites.

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In order to protect its data and avoid surveillance of security agencies, ISIS is looking to take shelter in the “dark web”. For those who don’t know, dark web is the hidden part of the web that can be accessed using specialised anonymity software like Tor. Dark web provides an extra security layer to its users and is known to already host multiple illegal operations.

IBTimes UK has discovered links to the IS website on the dark web on the Telegram channels of ISIS. This website is a mirror website of the one seen on the surface web.

Talking to IBT, security expert Scot Terban tells that the creators of the website have made some “rookie stupid” mistakes and left it vulnerable to attacks. Some content of the website is also embedded from the surface web, so if a visitor clicks on them he/she will reveal the true identity.


This move is also inspired by the fact that Telegram has started to block the ISIS-related channels and attempted to block the ISIS-related activities on Twitter.

It should be noted that use of hidden services and encryption has “inspired” the intelligence agencies to blame the need of encryption. While encryption technologies are being blamed for making us more unsafe, it should be noted that the same techniques are used at multiple occasions to improve our security.

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