ISIS Launches Mobile App For Children, Uses Guns And Missiles For Teaching Alphabets


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Short Bytes: After releasing dedicated chat and radio apps, ISIS has released their first app directed specifically at children. This app aims to teach the basic Arabic alphabets using militaristic vocabulary like tank, rocket, and gun. The app is being spread by the Islamic State supports via Telegram channels and file sharing website.

The Islamic State has released an application for teaching Arabic alphabets to children. While you might have learned “A” for apple and “B” for ball, ISIS has some other things to offer.

Released by the Islamic State’s “Library of Zeal”, this app is painted with the jihadist theme. ISIS supporters are spreading the app through their Telegram channels and other file sharing websites.

Apart from designing the app for memorizing Arabic alphabets, the application also includes a nasheed (a capella Islamic songs). As expected, the lyrics of the nasheed are full of jihadist phrases.

The app uses militaristic vocabulary like tank, rocket, and gun to teach the common words. Probably aiming at the future crop of extremists, the application is full of the colorful animations.

Releasing Android apps isn’t a new affair for ISIS. In the past, they have released their own secure chat and radio app.

However, this is the first application that’s directed specifically at the children. The Islamic State is already famous for releasing the videos of children being trained for jihad and taking part in the barbaric activities like beheading.

This new revelation by ISIS is another addition to its extremist propaganda that wishes to influence more and more people.

Source: LongWarJournal

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