Is Twitter Down? Can You Not Tweet Either?

Twitter users in U.S are unable to access the website and app!

Is Twitter Down? Can You Not Post Either?
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Many Twitter users are unable to access the social media platform today. As per DownDetector, Twitter users began reporting about an outage on 26 May 2022.

But, the issue became widespread the next morning, when hundreds of users reported experiencing a Twitter outage in their region.

The issue seems to be confined to the U.S. regions only. Take note that some Twitter U.S. residing in L.A, San Fransisco, Bahamas, Pheonix, and more cities are unable to access Twitter. Some even said that they used VPN to access the social media platform. They did so by switching to another server located outside the U.S.

Twitter not loading photos

Apart from the city-wide outages reported by many users, another problem came into the spotlight. Apparently, the users are facing inconvenience in loading photos and videos. Some others reported that they were unable to load their timeline as well. Moreover, some users reported that they were unable to like Tweets.

Twitter hasn’t responded yet but the outages do seem to be prevalent in many cities in the U.S. The DownDetector map showcases a lot of cities that are unable to access Twitter. Moreover, both the app and website are down for many users.

Some even tagged Elon Musk to fix Twitter as soon as possible.

Twitter down
Image: DownDetector

DownDetector graphs show a steady incline which means that the outage isn’t fixed yet. The most common reasons for the outage are usually server-side issues or scheduled maintenance. You can switch to another location using a VPN to access Twitter while it is down in your region. Alternatively, you can try out these Twitter alternatives where your free speech is respected.

If you think a paid VPN is out of your budget, you can try some of the free alternatives. Are you experiencing a Twitter outage in your region? Share your experience in the comments.

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