Is Sony Making Hardware Changes To The New PS5?

The first model of the new PS5 has arrived in Australia!


After Sony made the announcement that it will be launching a new PS5 console with revised pricing, fans all over the world have been curious as to what the new edition of the PS5 will bring to the table. While not every detail is available as of now about the revised PS5 console with increased prices, here’s some information that might interest some fans.

According to Press-start, the new PS5 model with increased prices has already arrived in Australia and has a significant change when compared to its predecessor. The new model is named CFI-1200, which will be released to a wider audience on September 15th. According to the publication, Australia seems to be the first country to receive the new models of console after the increase in prices announcement.

The change in the new console is that it’s lighter than the previous version, which is too significant. Interestingly, the new digital PS5 weighs 3.4 kilograms, which puts the newer version at 500 grams lighter than the digital PS5 at its launch. On the flip side, the disk PS5 weighs 600 grams lighter than the disk PS5 at launch; it weighs 3.9 kilograms.

Hardware changes in the new PlayStation5?

Meanwhile, the above-mentioned change in weight of the new PS5 obviously points towards an evident hardware change. Could it be that, while Sony has increased the prices of the PS5 console’s disk and digital edition, the company has quietly made significant hardware changes in the console? We do not have any answers to that as of this moment. Unless Sony announces something about the supposed hardware change in the new PlayStation 5 launching on September 15th, it’s difficult to say anything at this point.

Along similar lines, even if there’s no communication from Sony’s end, once the new console arrives, it is bound to go under a teardown to reveal what changes lie inside it.

As for any concrete evidence about the supposed hardware changes, we’ll have to wait till the new PS5 with increased prices arrives on the market.

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