Is PUBG Mobile Coming To India As Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Don't get your hopes high just yet.


There have been many speculations going around lately about PUBG Mobile India finally making a comeback. In case any one of you is new to the news, which we doubt, let’s refresh your memories. Last year, the Government of India banned PUBG Mobile alongside several other Chinese mobile applications. Since then, PUBG corporation has been making efforts to make a comeback in the Indian gaming community.

The recent speculations suggest that PUBG Mobile is ‘definitely’ coming to India with another name, Battlegrounds Mobile India, which is just a part of its current name, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile India.

PUBG Mobile’s name change?

Moreover, the news of name changes of PUBG’s official Facebook and YouTube handles also surfaced. While the Facebook page’s “username” has been changed to BattlegroundsMobileIN, the official name of the Facebook page is still PUBG Mobile India.

As for PUBG Mobile’s official YouTube channel and the Instagram handle, we found the name unchanged.

The ‘supposed’ teaser of Battlegrounds Mobile India

Interestingly, the rumors also talk about a teaser being released on the YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile India. Upon searching, we could not find any traces of the said teaser except for a screenshot shared by a Twitter user.

Since there are no screen recordings or other evidence of the ‘accidental’ teaser, it’s safe to say that the said teaser was probably a gimmick.

Furthermore, there is also a PUBG Mobile India coming soon poster, which is doing rounds over the internet. The said poster was released five months back and shows no credible signs of a comeback.

Lastly, PUBG Mobile’s website has undergone a name change, not the Indian one; PUBG Mobile’s Korean website is now “” Doesn’t sound like a potential comeback in the Indian gaming community? Well, we’ll leave that to your judgment.

All things considered, we don’t suppose PUBG Mobile (or Battlegrounds Mobile India) can’t make a comeback in India, as PUBG PC was never banned after all. Since there hasn’t been any official statement from Krafton regarding PUBG Mobile India, all we can do is wait for any official news before jumping to conclusions.

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