Is It Possible To Watch House Of The Dragon Episode 5 For Free Online?

What could possibly go wrong at a wedding in the GOT universe?

Is It Possible To Watch “House Of The Dragon” Episode 5 For Free Online?
Image Credit: HBO

It is truly an excellent time for fantasy drama fans. The Game of Thrones prequel series is packed with dragons and intriguing characters. With four episodes already premiered, the makers have shown us many things. Finally, it’s time for House Of The Dragon Episode 5.

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Moreover, the fourth episode sees the return of King Viserys’ brother Prince Daemon to the Red Keep. However, he couldn’t stay longer in King’s good books and was thrown out of the castle. On the other hand, Viserys gave Princess Rhaenyra the knowledge of Catspaw Dagger Prophecy.

The last episode left us with many questions, like what will be Otto’s next move, whether Rhaenyra will get married, etc. However, the most intriguing question is can we watch the new episode for free? Let’s discuss that and more in the next section of this streaming guide. So without any further delay, let’s get started.

Steps to watch House Of The Dragon episode 5 for free

Is It Possible To Watch “House Of The Dragon” Episode 5 For Free Online?
Image Credit: HBO

Before getting started with the free streaming part, we all know that new episodes arrive on HBO Max. Moreover, if you have a subscription, then head over to this page to watch it on the platform. However, for the fans in India, it will stream on Disney+ Hotstar.

Technically you cannot watch films or any title on HBO Max for free. However, many offers allow you to get a free subscription to HBO Max. But remember that you will still have to pay the introductory price of the telecom plan that’ll get you the free subscription.

  1. Free with HBO cable.
  2. A Free subscription with AT&T 1000 plan.
  3. Free one-year trials for AT&T TV and DirecTV packages.
  4. Free with AT&T Unlimited Elite wireless phone service.

House Of The Dragon episode 5: What will happen next?

The last episode gave us a lot to digest, and the forthcoming one is expected to bring more tension to the King’s landing. After all, there’s a royal wedding in Westeros. Moreover, it will also have Ser Otto planning against the crown as he is no more the King’s Hand.

In addition to this, the Sea Snake and family will have their dragons ready for the upcoming wedding. It seems like things are about to get serious at the Red Keep.

That’s all we have for this article. What are your expectations from the new episode? Feel free to share your honest opinion in the comments section below.

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