Is It Possible To Watch “House Of The Dragon” Episode 4 For Free Online?

Find out what challenges await Princess Rhaenyra.

Is It Possible To Watch “House Of The Dragon” Episode 4 For Free Online?
Image Credit: HBO

The Game Of Thrones prequel series is slowly picking up pace, and the last episode played a significant role. With the battle of Stepstones, we get to witness the rage of dragons and Prince Daemon. While the contenders for the iron throne are increasing, the upcoming “House Of The Dragon” Episode 4 will have the odds in Daemon’s favor.

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Moreover, the third episode introduced us to the newborn son Prince Aegon II. However, he was not the only star of the third installment. Lord Corlys’ son Ser Laenor has won the hearts of many with his white dragon Seasmoke. The new episode will pick up on the Daemon’s return and ‘vile accusations’ against Princess Rhaenyra.

With so many things about to happen, we all wish to have one more thing. If somehow the new episode is available to us for free. Well, it is possible to watch for free. How? You ask. Let’s discuss that and more in the next section of this streaming guide. So without any further delay, let’s get started.

Steps To Watch’ House Of The Dragon’ Episode 4 For Free

Is It Possible To Watch “House Of The Dragon” Episode 4 For Free Online?
Image Credit: HBO

The new episode is set to arrive on the HBO cable network and HBO Max platform. Moreover, if you have a subscription to them, then head over to this page to watch it on the platform. However, for the fans in India, it will stream on Disney+ Hotstar.

Technically you cannot watch films or any title on HBO Max for free. However, many offers allow you to get a free subscription to HBO Max. But remember that you will still have to pay the introductory price of the telecom plan that’ll get you the free subscription.

  1. Free with HBO cable.
  2. A Free subscription with AT&T 1000 plan.
  3. Free one-year trials for AT&T TV and DirecTV packages.
  4. Free with AT&T Unlimited Elite wireless phone service.

‘House Of The Dragon’ Episode 4: What Will Happen Next?

After an epic battle, the new episode will have Prince Daemon’s return to the King’s Landing. Moreover, he is now the King of Narrow Sea, which is also the title of the forthcoming episode. In addition to his return, it will also focus on Princess Rahenyra facing new threats and rumors.

That’s all we have for this article. What are your expectations from the new episode? Feel free to share your honest opinion in the comments section below.

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