iPhone X Sound Issue: Buzzing Or Crackling Speakers At High Volume?

While Apple is struggling to maintain the demand for the brand-new iPhone X, it’s also having its share of issues that are causing it some headache. After last week’s iPhone X issues like the green line of death and cold weather, some users are experiencing a different set of problem.

Some users have taken the route of Twitter, Reddit, and Apple forums to voice their concerns related to iPhone X speakers. As per them, the smartphone’s top speaker is crackling at high volume levels.

While this issue isn’t crippling the majority of iPhone X units, it’s affecting a good number of devices, which makes it worth coverage.

As per Reddit user dback83, the output of audio is terrible. First noticeable during a phone call, with iPhone X, even at low-50% volume the sound is pretty bad. At about 80-100%, it’s unlistenable. The user has even exchanged the device for another X, but the issue persists.

Twitter users like @Sublimeside, @realkgeorge, etc., too have faced similar issues. It’s worth noting that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus was also affected by some sound issue, which got fixed with iOS 10.0.2 update.

In case your iPhone X is also facing any issue related to screen, sound, etc., contact Apple and ask for a fix or replacement. In case you are willing to be a little patient, Apple should push an update in the upcoming days to address these problems.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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