Steve Jobs Didn’t Want The First iPhone To Have A SIM Slot

Steve's dream might soon become a reality.


We have heard rumors that Apple is working on an iPhone with only e-SIM capability with no physical card slot. But you will be surprised to know that years before the existence of eSIM technology, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs wished for the first iPhone to be without a SIM card slot.

The story is revealed by the father of iPod and former iPod VP Tony Fadell. He was giving an interview to journalist Joanna Stern at the Computer History Museum event. As per Fadell, In the early stage of the first iPhone development, Steve Jobs was against the idea of having a SIM card slot in it.

iPhone Without SIM Slot

It was mainly due to Jobs’s design preferences. He told the team of engineers, “We don’t want another hole in it.” Jobs said iPhone is possible without a SIM card. He gave the example of Verizon. At that time, Verizon was mainly known for its CDMA network, not GSM.

If you don’t know about CDMA technology, it doesn’t require a physical SIM card and gets directly linked to the network of the carriers. Then to convince Steve, Fadell had to use market data around the CDMA network. He concluded that using CDMA instead of GSM will not work as CDMA has very low adoption. That’s how the first iPhone got launched with a physical SIM card slot.

After fifteen years, we are heading toward Jobs’ dream of an iPhone with a physical SIM. If rumors become a reality, the next-generation devices will be the only eSIM only. What do you think about an iPhone with a SIM card slot? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Ratnesh Kumar

Ratnesh Kumar

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