10 Best Ways To Destroy Your iPhone | iPhone Destruction Compilation


Short Bytes: YouTube is a great place that lets the vloggers create something unique and earn praises. iPhone destruction videos are one such genre that has many shining stars that keep finding new ways to impress us. These videos feature destructive forces like lava, liquid Nitrogen, bullets, katana, and whatnot.

Earlier this year in September, Apple released its much-anticipated iPhone 7. Unsurprisingly, Apple called it the best iPhone ever made. Loaded with dual-camera, better screen, and stereo speakers, it managed to attract millions of people.

But, are the new iPhones and predecessors worth all money people spend on them? Here, I’m not going to share some in-depth review, pointing out the hits and misses. Instead, I’ll share some ultimate ways to destroy the iPhone.

We have created a compilation of some of the coolest destructions performed with the help of guns, blenders, lava, liquid Nitrogen, hydraulic press etc.


Just in case you didn’t like your new iPhone 7, or you are looking for an excuse to buy a new one, this video might provide some inspiration. Just kidding–don’t attempt these at home as they are performed by professionals.

Which one of these methods to destroy an iPhone did you find most satisfying? Don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.

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Bonus Video:


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