iPhone 14 Car Crash Detection Calls 911 When Users Ride Rollercoaster

Apple needs to release an update!


It has barely been 30 days since the new iPhone 14 launch, and it is already in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Recently, the phone’s camera encountered jittering issues, and now another feature is causing problems for the users. Apple included a car crash detection feature in the new iPhone, and that is working incorrectly.

When users are boarding rollercoaster rides, the phone is wrongly interpreting fast movements and drops as a crash. It doesn’t stop there and even reports the incident to the authorities along with an audio recording.

iPhone 14 Car Crash Detection goes haywire

Multiple reports of iPhone 14 reporting incorrect crash incidents are circulating on the internet. But when the responders arrive at the scene, they are baffled that there is no such incident at the site. along with the confusion that iPhone 14 Car Crash Detection creates, it is draining manpower that could otherwise be used in ‘actual’ crash incidents.

Meanwhile, Apple is playing coy and maintaining its stance. An Apple spokesperson told the Journal that the feature was extremely accurate and wouldn’t trigger a false alarm. So, they are outright denying the multiple reports by real iPhone 14 users who boarded a rollercoaster, and their phone triggered a crash SOS signal.

crash detection
Image: Scania Trucks & Buses YouTube channel

Meanwhile, the rollercoaster and owners of other such thrilling rides are advising users not to board the ride with Apple devices. Even the Apple Watch has a crash detection feature, which may register abrupt falls and movements as a crash. Some have even put out signboards to warn users that they either remove the devices or turn on Airplane mode to prevent the feature from registering ‘incorrect’ crashes.

Apple touted crash detection as one of the lucrative perks of owning an iPhone 14. Despite the base model having almost the same specifications as the older iPhone 13, Apple presented it as a new one. But the feature works, as proved by a YouTuber who sacrificed a car to check if Apple’s claims were true. But these new reports indicate that the software needs a facelift, and Apple needs to own its mistakes.

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