iPhone 14 Apple Event Announced For Sept. 7: Where And How To Watch

The easter egg is all about the centre of the Apple universe.

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Lo and behold, Mark Gurman is proved right again! Yes, Gurman leaked the Apple event date a week ago, but Apple has now made it official. The iPhone 14 will launch on September 7 in a space-themed event.

As you know, there are AR easter eggs for every Apple event. You can enjoy these from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod (if you still have one). This year’s easter egg is space-themed, and the final Apple logo looks similar to the famous photographs from the recent James Webb telescope.

Putting the theme aside, we can expect Apple to reveal more than just the iPhone 14 on September 7. Many people expect to see the next-gen Apple Watch 8 along with a new iPad or a Mac, perhaps. While the iPad or new Mac may not happen, for now, the Apple Watch is a possibility.

It has also been a while since Apple updated the AirPods Pro, and that’s why we believe that AirPods Pro 2 might debut along with the iPhone 14. But let’s talk about the showstopper for now.

Where to watch iPhone 14 launch event?

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You can save the date in your calendar by going to the Apple events website. You can watch the live stream on the Apple website or the Apple TV app on September 7 at 10:30 PM IST.

The event will also stream on YouTube, and you can open this link to your YouTube app and set a reminder to watch the stream.

iPhone 14 launch event easter egg is a message

Apple’s Mac event had a speed-themed easter egg, and we got the blazing fast M1 Pro and M1 Max chips. The iPhone is the center of the Apple ecosystem or the Apple universe. According to Statista data, the iPhone is Apple’s most-selling product and possibly the most iconic one, as it comes in all shapes and sizes.

The iPhone 14 is set to launch on September 7 and is expected to ditch one size for the other. So far, rumors say that the iPhone 14 will have a Max model, which will be the standard dual-camera iPhone but with a bigger display.

This approach is entirely opposite to the last two years that saw the iPhone 12 Mini and the iPhone 13 Mini. Apparently, small phones aren’t that popular, despite users like me loving them for the compact form factor. Another news about the launch is that Apple will probably use last year’s A15 chip in the base iPhone 14.

There are no other significant speculations for now, but we’ll keep an eye out and update here if there’s anything more. Till then, why don’t you take a minute and drop a comment on what you think about the iPhone 14?

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