iPhone 13 Pro Max Crashes Into A Tesla Car At 70 mph On A Highway

iphone 13 pro max hit tesla car
Image Credit: @marvelwonderkat on Twitter.

Apple’s latest iPhone models, including the 12 Pros and 13 Pros, come with the “strongest-ever” build. With their Ceramic Shield displays and stainless steel bodies, the iPhones tend to be durable. But what happens when an iPhone 13 Pro Max hits a Tesla coming towards it at 70 mph (~113 kmph) on a highway?

It would appear that the iPhone didn’t wholly shatter into nothingness, and only a part of it received damage. Likewise, Twitter user @marvelwonderkat reported the incident that looks like an iPhone blew a hole in their Tesla.

While there aren’t many photos, the user claims an iPhone 13 Pro Max crashed into their Tesla. Also, the exact model of the vehicle is unknown. The images in the tweet show extensive damage to half of the display and some damage to the edges of the body.

Further, the collision with the iPhone caused a hole in the Tesla as the phone crashed and stuck with the vehicle.

“It didn’t bounce. At first, I thought it had bounced under my car & hit the undercarriage, but it wouldn’t have had time to do so & stick to the bumper like this. It was moving towards me while I was moving towards it @ 70mph,” says the user in another tweet.

The final condition of the phone is not sure, but the car seems to have taken a considerable amount of damage as well.

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