iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Have Same iPhone 11 Battery: Teardown Reveals


The iPhone 12 series is up for sale in New Zealand and Australia. Meanwhile, pre-orders have begun in several countries, including India.

If you’re torn between picking up the iPhone 12 or the Pro Model, here is a piece of useful information — The Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro carry identical batteries, according to a teardown video shared by a Chinese tech channel.

Earlier, a filing from Brazil’s telecom organisation revealed the iPhone 12 comes with a 2,815mAh battery, which is 300 mAh less than that of the iPhone 11. Putting it all together, it’s safe to say that Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro features a lower mAh battery compared to the iPhone 11.

Of course, that solely isn’t the only factor when considering the overall battery backup. Apple claims that both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro can deliver up to 17 hours video playback, the same as the iPhone 11, which means the new A14 bionic is really putting up a fight.

Apple’s claim of 25% faster performance on the iPhone 12 Pro compared to the iPhone 11 Pro was recently backed by Geekbench results. So it wouldn’t be far fetched to say that the A14 bionic chip can deliver the same battery backup as the iPhone 11, despite the number difference. Again, the iPhone 12 reviews are yet to pour in, so fingers crossed!

Coming back to the teardown, the video details other differences between the iPhone 12 models, which are non-existent except the LiDAR Scanner and the telephoto lens on the iPhone 12 Pro. On the other hand, the iPhone 12 has plastic element filling for the missing components.

In our opinion, go for the iPhone 12 Pro if you really want that camera improvement otherwise stick to pre-ordering the standard model. The best thing to do is just wait for the iPhone 12 reviews and comparison videos.

Charanjeet Singh

Charanjeet Singh

Charanjeet owns an iPhone but his love for Android customization lives on. If you ever ask him to choose between an iPhone, Pixel or Xiaomi; better if you don't.
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