iPad OS 15, iOS 15 Beta Will Let Apps Ask You For More RAM

Could be to run the Pro apps on the iPad Pro.

iPad OS 15 and iOS 15 Beta more memory permission
Image: Apple

The latest iPad OS and iOS 15 Beta have features that let developers ask you for more RAM for an app. While Apple has been conservative about the RAM on iOS, users of the more powerful iPad OS also can’t really use the full RAM.

MacRumors spotted the development about Apple now letting developers ask you for more RAM. It may be good for a smoother app experience, but it could be bad news for people using older iOS devices.

How Much Memory Can Apps On iOS 15 Beta Ask For?

Apple hasn’t specified any values on its developer’s page. Here is an excerpt from Apple’s discussion on the page.

Add this entitlement to your app to inform the system that some of your app’s core features may perform better by exceeding the default app memory limit on supported devices. If you use this entitlement, make sure your app still behaves correctly if additional memory isn’t available.

According to this, apps can better utilize iOS and ask users for more RAM if needed. iOS apps are usually optimized and not resource intensive. This move might change that for some apps as well as iPhone and iPad devices.

iOS 15 Beta letting developers ask for more RAM could mean the users being in charge of allocating RAM to specific apps. It shouldn’t be a problem for iPad OS 15, as iPads have up to 16GB RAM.

Could It Be For Pro Apps On The iPad Pro?

While the iPad Pro now shares the M1 chip with the Mac lineup, it still misses out on apps like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. With more memory allocation, it could be possible for the M1 chip to run Final Cut Pro on the iPad Pro.

I’ve seen FCP drain the life out of a MacBook Pro, so it may not be good news for the iPad’s battery. On the other hand, a narrowing gap between the iPad and the MacBook is always appreciated.

Coming to iOS 15 Beta, RAM allocation might make games smoother. On my iPhone 12 Mini, Asphalt Legends often ends up reloading if I leave the app to reply to some messages. All in all, we can say it’ll be good to know the RAM hogs on your phone.

Apple has also added a note saying “An increased memory limit is only available on some device models”. This could mean that the older iPhone and iPad devices may not get the feature.

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