iOS 16 Lets You Delete Even More Apple Apps

Apple on Zero Bloatware MODE!

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iOS 16 was a massive reveal at the WWDC, and iPhone enthusiasts are excited to get their hands on some outstanding features that will be rolled out as parts of the OS.

Earlier this week, iOS 16 first beta became available to developers, and we now know more about its features.

Some exciting features of the new OS include a customizable lock screen and iMessage updates. Additionally, Apple will allow users to uninstall the Clock, Find My, and Health apps.

Uninstalling pre-installed apps is not a new feature and goes back to iOS 10. Users could delete apps like Calendar, Calculator, Notes, Music, Podcasts, and Mail. However, Apple now adds Clock, Health, and “Find My” to the list.

As stated by 9to5Mac, users can now remove these three applications from iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. However, you will still lose certain functionality by deleting them.

Particularly when it comes to Find My, deleting the application does not turn off the in-built Find My features of the device like Find My Friends. The users get an alert through a message that any device, item, or people linked to their Apple ID will be available even after the app’s uninstallation and that the users can manage the options inside the setting app.

However, as anticipated, you will be unable to locate any accessories or your devices like AirTag and AirPods with the app removed.

You can reinstall the application anytime through the App Store. There are still some other native apps that you can’t remove, such as Safari, Message, Photos, or the App Store.

Although the pre-installed apps are a great choice to enhance functionality, providing users complete control over its installation is also important to provide freedom.

However, it’s still difficult to process why someone would remove such necessary applications that can seriously hamper their experience.



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