How To Set Dynamic Wallpaper In iOS 14.3?


After weeks of beta testing, Apple has finally rolled out iOS 14.3 bringing a number of features and bug fixes along with it. The most notable include the new Apple Fitness+ and support for AirPods Pro Max.

However, one feature that has missed the limelight is the return of the “Set Wallpaper” action in the Shortcuts app. As the name suggests, the action can be used to set Homescreen or Lockscreen wallpaper using a shortcut.

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Below, I will tell you how you can use the iOS 14 double tap to automatically change wallpaper —

Note: For this to work, you will need the Shortcuts app available on the App Store.

Step 1: Allow untrusted shortcuts in iPhone settings

Allow untrusted shortcuts app
  • Go to iPhone settings. Scroll down and tap on Shortcuts and toggle “Allow untrusted Shortcuts.”
  • If the option is unavailable: Open the Shortcuts app, go to Gallery and install any shortcuts.
  • Now go back to Shortcut app settings and toggle the option.

Step 2: Add multiple wallpapers to a new album

Create a new album ios 14
  • Download wallpapers of your choice on your iPhone.
  • Go to the Photos app and go to Recents Album
  • Select the downloaded wallpapers — Tap on the Share button — Choose ‘Add to Album’ — Choose ‘New Album’.
  • You can call it “Wallpaper for iPhone” and tap on Save

Step 3: Set dynamic Wallaper on iOS 14.3

Set Wallpaper shortcut ios14.3
  • Go to the Set Wallpaper Shortcut link and tap on “Get shortcut.”
  • Scroll down in the Shortcuts app and tap on “Add Untrusted Shortcut.”
  • Go to the newly created shortcut and give it access to photos
  • Tap on the “Recent” album and change it to the “Wallpaper for iPhone” album.
  • Tap on Done
ios 14.3 dynamic wallpaper shortcut

Step 4: Set the shortcut as a Back Tap action

enable backtap ios 14
  • On your iPhone, go to Settings — accessibility
  • Under the Physical and Motor section, tap on Touch
  • Go to the bottom and choose Back Tap
  • Tap Double Tap
  • Scroll down and choose the newly created shortcut.
double tap change wallpaper ios 14.3

Now, double-tap on the back of your iPhone to change the wallpaper. There are more ways to use the set wallpaper action. For instance, you can create a shortcut where the wallpaper automatically changes whenever you plug in the charger. You should get started with the action if you haven’t already.

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