iOS 13’s Flaw Could Be Revealing Your Credit Card Details To Others


Apple just recently released its next-gen operating system — iOS 13— to the general public. Apart from the welcome features with iOS 13, there could be room for another possible security flaw that could lead to users’ credit card details being leaked.

iOS 13’s apparent flaw

The presence of a flaw in iOS 13 was hinted by two users who took to Reddit to make the possible bug known to others.

One of the users, going by the name Thanamite, wished to update iTunes credit card details after purchasing the new iPhone 11 Pro Max. The user took the help of the new ‘take picture’ feature, which was able to scan the credit card with ease.

What felt uneasy was the fact that another user’s (from Illinois) credit card details got saved instead of Thanamite’s own.

It is further suggested that Thanamite has the full name, billing address, and the last four digits of the other user’s credit card.

Following this, another Reddit user (Createdbyric) faced a similar issue. He encountered another user’s full credit card details while trying to update his card details.

Apple’s response to the issue

Reddit user Createdbyric updated his post on Reddit, throwing light on Apple’s seriousness about the whole situation after his 40-minute conversation with people from the company.

The conversation revealed that Apple is already aware of the issue and is looking into the matter. However, the company hasn’t released anything official on the same. So, we have to wait for an official word.

What could this mean?

As a reminder, the issue has been faced by just two users. Hence we can’t consider it a widespread security glitch.

If at all, this is a security issue on the part of Apple, this one is a severe case that can cause the leakage of important payment information of thousands and thousands of users.

I hope Apple investigates the issue and figure out a solution before it spreads across the other users.

We will update you as soon as something official pops up. Until then, keep on visiting Fossbytes.

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