iOS 13 Shows Proof Of USB-C Port Coming To iPhone 11


While every other Android smartphone has a USB Type-C port, iPhones have sported Apple’s Lightning port. However, it seems that is soon going to change as Apple is expected to add a USB Type-C port to its upcoming iPhone models.

According to a tweet by user Raphael Mouton, the iOS 13 Beta restore screen suggests that future iPhones, preferably the alleged iPhone 11 will come with support for the USB Type-C port. This further confirms the rumors about USB-C ports coming to iPhones.

If we go by the restore screen image, the cable shown is different from the regular lightning iPhone cable with no golden lines on it, which hints at a change in the future Apple cables.

To refresh your memory, 2018 iPad Pros already come with USB Type-C ports and bringing the same to iPhones is something everyone might like.

Surely, this is going to bring a lot of ease into the lives of Apple fans who right now have to deal with different cables. You can’t charge your iPhone and iPad Pro with the same cable. But if the iPhone gets USB-C, users will be able to charge their iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, all with a single cable.

In addition to this, the tweet gives us an inkling of a ‘future utility for iPhone on Mac’, which could mean an easy connecting process of the iPhone and Mac.

For the unacquainted, Apple will launch its 2019 iPhone, purportedly called the iPhone 11 is expected to come with a triple-camera module at the back, better AR capabilities, a 12MP front camera, support for reverse wireless charging, and more. Furthermore, future iPhones are likely to come with an 18W fast charger and this could finally result in faster charging capabilities.

However, other details remain unknown. So stay tuned to Fossbytes for more information and updates on the upcoming iPhone models.

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