Internet Goes After Taylor Swift Over Carbon Emission

170 flights in 2022!

Internet Goes After Taylor Swift Over Carbon Emission
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Climate change is real, but the world continues to ignore it. Carbon emissions accelerate global warming further. Moreover, it is common to see prominent figures supporting the mission to reduce carbon emissions. A recent study by sustainability marketing agency Yard revealed that Taylor Swift was among the top contributors to carbon emissions because her private jet completed more than 150 flights in the first half of 2022.

Netizens continue to mock Taylor Swift on Twitter and share memes on the topic. Ironically, many celebrities support reducing carbon emissions and then do nothing exemplary to reduce their carbon footprint.

What did Yard find about Taylor Swift?

Yard’s findings revealed that Taylor Swift’s jet had conducted 170 flights by August 2022. During this phase, her private jet was operational for 382 hours and emitted 8,293.54 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air. So much effort by Taylor Swift to reduce carbon emissions! However, her representatives came to her rescue when information about blatant private jet use surfaced online.

According to her representatives, the jet did take off 170 times, but Taylor wasn’t the one using it every time. Representatives claimed that her private jet was loaned out to others for private use. However, it makes sense to loan out an aircraft worth millions while not personally using it. Renting it out adds additional revenue opportunities while ensuring the aircraft doesn’t become a rusty mess.

Taylor Swift
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Private jets are among the top-most contributors to carbon emissions. The reason why netizens are angry is that celebrities use their jets for very small and sometimes manageable distances within the city. Kylie Jenner is another noteworthy mention in the list of celebrities who use private jets to cover small distances. Her latest feat was a 12-minute ride to reach somewhere and avoid city traffic.

If you are curious about the celebrities who use private jets frequently, @celebjets is an account that covers these matters in detail. JayZ and TomCruise also happen to hop on their private jets quite frequently. Even Elon Musk requested @celebjets to stop following his private jet.

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