‘Dead’ Internet Explorer Will Soon Lose No. 1 Browser Spot To Google Chrome

internet explorer dead chrome new
internet explorer dead chrome new


Short Bytes: Google Chrome is ruthlessly capturing more gains over other browsers and especially Internet Explorer in terms of usage. Microsoft forcing users to move to Windows 10, lack of agility and adaptability in ‘Edge’, are the two main reasons why IE is losing the battle against Chrome.

The Browser war was declared when Google released Chrome browser for the first time. And since then, there has not been any debacle for the Google Chrome on the war front. In the terrains of browsers, Google Chrome has been whirling like an impregnable tank ruthlessly over other browsers.

In terms of how far Google Chrome has overrun others, in the upcoming month of May 2016, Google Chrome will soon take over the reign and host its winning flag in terms of the most captured territory in the battlefield of the browser war.

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It seems, Microsoft, which is another main competitor in the war zone is unable to come up with any such striker which can beat Google Chrome. Even though Microsoft released ‘Edge’, the new weaponry browser as a counterattack on Google Chrome, there was no match for the bravery of the Google Chrome. Until the sunset, ‘Edge’ was soon lost in the dust and ashes shelling out in the browser war game.

Here are some facts and figures on Chrome vs IE:


Internet Explorer 11, the latest browser from the arena of Microsoft, has 23.16 percent of the market share, whereas Chrome 48, the latest from the Google, is merely behind it with 22.10 percent. However, when we talk about the whole arsenal, with all of its versions, Internet Explorer has a market share of 44.79 percent, whereas Chrome holds 36.56 percent.

If we look back at the facts just a year ago, then Internet Explorer had 53 percent market capture, whereas Chrome had just 28.54 percent. Browser war expert and field analysts have an eye over this battle and they have predicted that by May this year, Google Chrome will overtake IE very easily.

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