Intel’s 7nm Chips Won’t Arrive Until 2022 Or 2023


Once an industry leader, Intel is now finding it hard to keep up with the competition. The silicon giant has now delayed its 7nm chips by several months, which it announced during the Q2 earnings call.

Intel said in a press release that it’s 7nm chip plans have been delayed by almost six months relative to previous estimates. In total, the company is now running nearly 12 months behind its internal target. According to Tom’s Hardware, Intel now expects to launch CPUs based on the 7nm fabrication process sometime around 2022 or 2023.

Speaking about the delay, CEO Bob Swan said the company had found a ‘defect mode’ in its fabrication process. Intel is already seeking workarounds that could include outsourcing the jobs to third-party foundries. It could also use third-party foundries for the upcoming Ponte Vecchio GPUs destined to power the Aurora supercomputer.

Anyway, in comparison, Intel’s rival AMD is already offering CPUs based on the 7nm process. Recently, AMD also announced that its mobile CPUs had become almost 25 times more power-efficient. It could be possible that AMD might come up with a 5nm process by the time Intel shifts to 7nm, making it difficult for Intel to reach the top.

Another big example of Intel’s losing grip on the silicon market is Apple’s shift to home-made ARM processors. According to sources, Intel wasn’t able to deliver the chips on time, and the one it did come with several hardware issues.

The freshest stuff we can expect from Intel is the chips based on Tiger Lake microarchitecture (10nm++). These chips will take advantage of new Intel Xe graphics and hardware-based malware protection.

Intel is also expected to launch its first 10nm desktop chips based on Alder Lake microarchitecture in the second half of 2021.

via Windows Central

Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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