Intel Announces New “Brain-Like” Loihi AI Chip And 49-Qubit “Tangle Lake” Quantum Chip

intel quantum chip
Intel's quantum chip
At CES 2018, Intel made two major announcements and showed off futuristic technologies; Intel CEO Brian Krzanich made these announcements. While one chip deals with neuromorphic computing, the second one is all about quantum computing.

During the announcement, Intel unveiled the advancements made in the field of neuromorphic research. In the past, we have told you about the company’s brain-like Loihi chip. Its circuits mimic the brain’s basic operations and aim to make machine learning more efficient. In simpler language, it could be seen as simulating the brain in silicon.

“This has been a major research effort by Intel and today we have a fully functioning neuromorphic research chip,” Krzanich said.

Intel Corporation’s self-learning neuromorphic research chip, code-named “Loihi.” (Credit: Intel Corporation)
Intel’s self-learning neuromorphic research chip

In the first half of 2018, Intel plans to partner with leading universities and research organizations and apply Loihi to more complex problems.

The second announcement was regarding Tangle Lake, which is a 49-qubit superconducting quantum test chip (image at the top).

This step shows Intel’s efforts to keep up with organizations like Google, IBM, and Microsoft, who are investing a lot in quantum computing. Krzanich called it a major breakthrough and the next step to “quantum supremacy.”

Currently, Intel’s Netherlands-based lab is testing and working on quantum computing systems. The chip mentioned above is about the size of a quarter and designed to scale for quantum integrated circuitry.

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