Intel Athena Is Getting A Brand New Sticker Years After ‘Intel Inside’

Intel Athena Laptops

Intel Athena powered laptops will not get a brand new seal of approval from the chipmaker in the form of an Intel’s Mobile Performance sticker. The latest branding from Intel aims to ease the process of buying a laptop for less-tech savvy buyers.

The new sticker or branding on the Intel Athena Powered laptops reads “Engineered for Mobile Performance.” Right now, Dell and HP will be shipping with this new sticker.

For the uninitiated, Intel Athena is the latest lineup of Intel processors dedicated to increasing laptop performance and battery life.

According to Intel, mobile phones define computing on the ‘GO.’ Nowadays people simply use their smartphones for their computing needs. Thus Intel wants people to use their laptops in a similar way that they do their smartphones.

The “Engineered for Mobile Performance” sticker will make one significant change in branding of Intel CPUs after the world-famous ‘Intel Inside’ advertisement.

Intel Athena New Sticker Brands Upcoming Ultrabooks

Intel Athena laptops will soon be on the market. During CES 2019, Intel showcased a number of Intel Athena powered laptops. One of them was the Lenovo S940 which was earlier showcased with an Athena chip but was later launched with an Intel 8th generation processor. However, Lenovo has promised almost 9 hours of battery life in its latest S940 Yoga series laptop.

Speaking of Intel Athena chips in general, they will soon launch into laptops like HP Elitebook, Dell XPS 13 and several others. Basically, every manufacturer will shift towards Intel Athena based CPUs for their ultrabook by 2020.

The latest sticker from Intel is supposed to perform two functions for the company:

  • To simplify the buying decision for several ultrabook enthusiasts
  • To promote Intel’s new branding of high battery life laptops

Project Athena Explained

A lot of people still wonder about ‘What is Intel Project Athena’. Well, the Intel Project Athena was designed by the company to eliminate the trade-off between performance, efficiency and battery life. Usually, ultrabooks have good enough battery life but their performance took a hit upon long or heavy usage. Thermal throttling is to blame here and manufacturers like Apple, Asus, and several others are equally guilty.

Enter Project Athena, the latest upcoming chip from Intel, which seeks to strike the perfect balance between mobile performance and battery life. Intel Athena laptops are based on a 10nm chip and have a TDP of anywhere between 9 watts and 28 watts. They have a Max Turbo Boost frequency of up to 4.1 GHz. Also with the 10nm Intel Athena processor, the Thunderbolt 3 will be integrated right into the CPU to save battery life. This also helps in maintaining the maximum bandwidth of 40 Gigabit per second of bandwidth across all the Thunderbolt 3 ports.

In terms of graphics, Athena CPU will feature Intel Iris Plus graphics with up to 64 execution units. It will be capable of up to 5k video playback and better frame rates for esports titles like Fortnite and Counter-Strike.

Other features of an Intel Athena laptop include:

  • WiFi 6 for low latency high-speed connectivity
  • Thunderbolt 3 for superfast data transfer and eGPU connectivity
  • Biometric logins using face ID
  • Instant resume option to save battery life
  • Support for superfast Intel Optane memory

To put it in simple words, Intel Athena will make your ultrabooks faster, better connected and long-lasting. Intel recognizes that a better battery is a huge requirement by several ultrabook users.

Intel wants to make people use their ultrabooks in a similar fashion as they use their laptops and if the project Athena comes to fruition, similar results can be expected.

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