Intel’s 1,000x Faster Optane Memory Is Coming To Your Next Computer On April 24


Short Bytes: Intel has brought his Optane memory to newer desktop PCs featuring 7th Gen Core processors. From April 24, Intel will be shipping 16 and 32GB Optane modules for 130+ compatible motherboards designed by various hardware makers. Various consumer and commercial products fitted with the Optane memory will arrive by the second half of this year.

Earlier in March, Intel launched the new 375GB SSD for server systems based on their breakthrough 3D XPoint memory – it’s touted as 1,000 times faster than the conventional hard drives. One of its main advantages is that it can also be deployed as RAM. So, in the future, it might be possible that PC makers could eliminate the concept of storage or the RAM altogether.

Intel’s Navin Shenoy announced that the company is launching the Optane memory chips for desktop PCs featuring the 7th Gen Intel Core processors. It can deliver an overall 28% performance boost, 14x faster storage, and a reduce booting time up to 2x. For now, the Optane memory will compliment the existing SSD or HDD on the machine. Contrary to what most of us might think, it doesn’t replace the conventional DRAM on our machines but acts as a cache for the storage.

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In terms of applications performance, Shenoy says the Optane memory can enable the Chrome browser to load 5x faster. Also, it helps various high-end games achieve around 67% lesser launch time.

Intel has planned to ship the Optane memory on motherboards from next month starting April 24. Intel will be selling 16GB ($44) and 32GB ($77) Optane memory modules (M.2 2280 form factor) which could be attached on 130+ Intel Optane-compatible motherboards from various manufacturers including Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, etc.

You can visit this link to read more about the Optane memory requirements. Moreover, Intel expects different consumer products with Optane memory to arrive by the second half of 2017.

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