Intel Announces Core i9-10900K: The World’s Fastest Gaming processor


Intel recently announced its 10th-gen consumer chips, including the “world’s fastest gaming processor,” Core i9-10900K. Intel’s i9-10900K boasts 10 Cores, 20 threads, and DDR4-2933 memory.

Moreover, the new i9-10900K is capable of reaching 5.3Ghz with a base clock of 3.7Ghz. This much speed is enough to support graphics quality up to 187 frames per second, which means a fantastic gaming experience.

According to Intel, it’s new flagship processor could give 10% more FPS than 9900K in PUBG. Also, it is 18% faster when it comes to editing 4K videos.

With Intel’s Thermal Velocity Boost, gamers can temporarily automatically boost the processor’s clock frequency above Single Core and MultiCore, with up to 5.3GHz. For Thermal Velicity Boost to work, the processor’s temperature should be 70 degrees Celsius or lower.

Along with Core i9-10900K chip that is worth $488, the company also announced two more chips, the Core-i7 10700K and the Core-i5 10600K.

The $374 Core-i7 10700K chip comes with eight cores and 16 threads. It could reach 5.1 GHz with a base clock speed of 3.8Ghz.

On the other hand, Core-i5 10600, costing just $262, is the cheapest of all the three Intel’s chips. It comes with six cores, 12 threads, boosted speed up to 4.8Ghz, and a base clock speed of 4.1Ghz.

Besides DDR4-2933 memory, all new chips support 2.5 gigabit Ethernet and the integrated Wi-Fi 6(Gig+) by default, which offers a more reliable connection with three times faster download speed.

In a time when Intel’s biggest competitor, AMD, is making more power-efficient processors with 7nm architecture, Intel is still stuck on 14nm architecture chips. However, that’s understandable because Intel is focusing more on higher clock speeds. Also, gamers still prefer powerful processors, in which higher clock speed is dominant.

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

Shivam is a blogger who is always fascinated with technology and the amount of knowledge he can gather from the internet. He is trying to nerdify everyone around him with that same knowledge, through his writings. He enjoys gaming in particular, so he tries to keep track of what’s new in the gaming community and write about it. Visit his Gaming Channel IntroGamers on YouTube.
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