BetterDiscord 2021 Guide: How To Install Themes and Plugins?

better discord themes guide

Discord is a great app for communicating with your friends and random strangers who share the same interests as you. However, it’s quite boring in terms of UI and lacks good customization options. This can be fixed by using an app called BetterDiscord. It is quite similar to the original but has many customization options and a better UI. With this, users can download better Discord themes and plugins.

This is a must-have for any user, especially with the additional themes and plugins. All of this is possible due to users being able to download multiple themes and plugins for the app, which isn’t possible in the normal version.

BetterDiscord Installation

1. Go to the homepage and download the latest version of the application.

Enhancement Project- download

2. Run the setup and accept the license agreement.

Discord- License Agreement

3. Press Install BetterDiscord.

Choose An Action- Install betterdiscord

4. Choose the directory where your original app is installed.

Choose discord Versions

5. Both apps are now linked to each other. However, you might need to restart your PC after installation. Also, check out our article on discord message formatting tips here!

How to download themes for Discord?

1. Go to the BetterDiscord themes directory, and download the one you like.

Discord themes directory

2. Move the downloaded file to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\BetterDiscord\themes. You can also find the folder by going to Discord>User Settings>Themes>Open Themes Folder.

Discord- themes folder

3. Now, go to Discord>User Settings>Themes and turn on your selected theme.

theme setting

How to download plugins for Discord?

1. Go to the BetterDiscord plugin directory, and download the one you like.

plugins for Discord

2. Move the downloaded file to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\BetterDiscord\plugins. You can also find the folder by going to Discord>User Settings>Plugins>Open Plugins Folder.

download better discord plugins

3. Now, go to Discord>User Settings>Plugins and turn on your selected plugin.

installing plugins

Note- For some plugins, you might need to download an additional Library Plugin.

library missing

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BetterDiscord illegal?

BetterDiscord is a great add-on service to the original application, but beware as using it violates Discord TOS.

How do I change Discord theme?

You can also change your theme by going to User Setting>App Settings>Appearance. With this, you can choose between different customization options (Dark and Light theme, Cozy and Compact message display).

How do I get good Discord themes?

You can find some popular themes in the BetterDiscord plugin directory. They are sorted by popularity, but you can find the ones you personally like.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. Check out some of our other Discord guides to know more.

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