Instagram Will Now Allow All Users To Tag Products In Their Posts

how to tag products on Instagram

Instagram users will now be able to use the product tagging feature on all their posts. According to Instagram, the feature will start rolling out to everyone over the next few months. Currently, the feature is only available to users in the U.S.

This feature was first launched in 2016 but was limited to certain accounts. Previously, users needed a business or creator account to tag products in their posts. However, you can now purchase the same outfit your friend is wearing.

Instagram shopping made easy

Instagram’s product tagging feature supports regular posts, videos, stories, and reels. Those who have never used this feature might be surprised to learn that Instagram has a native checkout feature for this. The feature is an excellent addition to Instagram’s normal users, rumored to be close to 2 billion.

According to a Meta spokesperson, influencers won’t receive kickbacks from any purchases made through product tags. However, the platform is currently testing an affiliate program that will let creators earn a commission through tagged products.

According to Instagram, 1.6 million people tag at least one brand on average each week. Business owners will also receive a notification when users tag their products. So it is good news for all small businesses that rely on social media and word of mouth to promote their brand.

How do I tag a product in Instagram posts?

1. Create a post as you usually would.

2. Use the “Tag people” option.

3. After tagging the brand, you will see a “Tag products” option.

4. Search for the brand’s product and tag it in your post.

How do you tag a product on Instagram stories?

1. Create a story and tap the sticker icon (or swipe up).

2. Click on the Product link sticker and select the product you want to tag.

3. Publish your story.

How do you tag products in Reels?

1. Once you’ve recorded your reel, select Tag Products.

2. Add the products or collections you want to feature.

3. Tap Done.

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