Instagram Visual Refresh Brings New Colors, Fonts, And App Experience

Bored with the old Instgram look? Well, not anymore!

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What does Instagram's visual refresh bring to the table?
image credit: instagram

Instagram’s long overdue visual refresh has arrived. The Meta-owned social media giant introduced a new visual identity for its brand which includes a new approach to layout and design with a new logo.

Instagram is introducing a brighter icon along with its own typography. The photo-sharing platform said that its new design system puts content at the center. However, the company still keeps its focus on simplicity and self-expression.

What does Instagram’s visual refresh bring to the table?

What does Instagram's visual refresh bring to the table?
image credit: Unsplash

Firstly, Instagram’s iconic polaroid rainbow has seen a redesign. It used to be just static, but the polaroid rainbow is now an array of colors that dynamically changes. This happens in response to content and interaction with it.

There is a gradient shift in composition and color balance in a 2D and 3D space. The gradient is used in the “Story Rings” and gives a structure to its color palette.

With Instagram’s visual refresh they have released “Instagram Sans,” a new global custom typeface based on the Instagram symbol, which is a simple camera form. However, according to Instagram’s website, “the in-between moments of a perfect circle and a square, which they call a “squircle,” appear up throughout the typeface.”

Instagram Sans, a more whimsical Instagram Sans Headline, and the block-like Instagram Sans are the three styles available. Although all of these fonts are available in a variety of weights, including light, regular, medium, and bold. These were inspired by global scripts and were created with accessibility in mind.

Since Instagram Sans is a new way for the community to express themselves on Instagram Stories and Reels. The company has tried to give the platform a lot of human elements with the retouches. What do you think of the overhaul? Comment down.

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