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Instagram is trying really hard to be TikTok and is becoming a more creator-enticing platform with a slew of features and updates. Even Adam Mosseri acknowledged that Instagram is no longer an image-sharing platform. Today, he announced a new set of transparency tools that will help creators understand if their content is eligible for recommendations from others.

The social media platform released an Account Status feature within the app that informed users about their account’s health and appealed for any unfair post takedowns. Transparency tools will help them understand what type of content reaches out to more people and if their content is recommendation worthy or not.

Instagram Transparency Tools: More details

Confused about your post reach? Well, this is a problem that most creators, especially the ones in the growth stage experience. Until now, you could just publish content and hope for the algorithm to favor it. You didn’t have any idea about its discoverability or whether Instagram would promote it or not.

Now, you can use the Instagram Transparency Tools to check whether the content you are about to post is worthy of displaying in other users’ feeds. Instagram already has a bunch of guidelines about what to post or not, but this tool will make it much easier for you to understand. When you visit the tools section, the app will inform you whether the post conforms to community guidelines.

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If you choose to ignore the community guidelines, your reach could be affected. All social platforms are pushing heavily on content moderation, and if you choose to be an outlaw, your content won’t have that much reach. The Twitter video by Adam Mosseri also highlighted the fact that you can appeal if you feel that your content doesn’t go against the community guidelines. Of course, the response time would be longer, so it is better to publish content that doesn’t incur the algorithm’s wrath.

You can access the new Instagram Transparency Tools by navigating to Profile -> Menu -> Settings -> Account -> Account Status. Remember that you can always appeal to the moderators if you feel the content doesn’t go against the community guidelines.

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