This Infographic Explains Why Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Phones Turned Into A Bomb


Short Bytes: Samsung has released its report explaining why did Galaxy Note 7 explode in big numbers. An infographic released by the company explains how bad design and a rush to release a new device screwed up things. Specifically, high welding burrs on the positive electrode and missing insulation tape on many batteries were the main culprits.

There’s no denying the fact that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion hurt Samsung in the worst way possible. It tarnished company’s image and led to a massive financial loss. As a result, the company was bound to order a detailed investigation.

Recently, Android smartphone giant Samsung released the findings of its Galaxy Note 7 explosion investigation. The final report said that the explosion was a result of a bad better design–high welding burrs on the positive electrode and missing insulation tape.

The company added that the rush to release a new version of its flagship device caused the havoc. According to the findings, Note 7’s battery was too large for the phone. This resulted in the overheating.

For detailed information, you can take a look at this infographic:

galaxy note 7 explosion reason
Image: Samsung

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