Indians Encounter More Fake News Worldwide: Microsoft Survey

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On the occasion of Safer Internet Day, Microsoft released its third Digital Civility Index, revealing that users in India are more likely to come across fake news as compared to other 22 countries in the world.

Indian users’ encounter with fake news accounts for 64% which is 7% higher than the 57% consumption globally. Additionally, internet hoaxes and phishing/spoofing contributed to 54% and 42% of India, respectively.

It is suggested that there are three types of risks prominent in India in comparison with global averages, namely, receiving obscene content, fake news, and internet hoaxes.

For the unacquainted, digital civility involves positive and better online habits for a safe online experience.

Teenagers and millennials are strongly affected by online risk exposure and consequences. Additionally, 29% of online risks are caused by the social circle, including friends and family.

Furthermore, users tend to lose more trust in others due to the negative and risky interactions online.

However, the survey report include has some positive news as well; there were increased levels of online civility, with India standing in the seventh spot amongst the 22 countries surveyed.

India had 59% (66% globally) of online civility with a gain of two points year-on-year.

We hope to maintain digital civility and eventually make the online space a safer place!

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