Indiana Jones TV Series Reportedly In Development At Disney+

The fedora-wearing archaeologist may be coming to the small screen!

Indiana Jones tv series
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Thanks to Lucasfilm, Harrison Ford’s legendary archaeologist will return for Indiana Jones 5 in 2023. The film has been pushed back several times as the studio worked out how to wrap up Ford’s time with the character while also figuring out what’s next for the Indiana Jones franchise. It has long been speculated that Lucasfilm might recast the role of Indiana Jones. But this has since been disproven. Fans of the franchise, on the other hand, remained eager to see the characters and world return in other ways.

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Indiana Jones TV series in development at Disney+

Now, according to Variety, Disney and Lucasfilm are currently meeting with writers for a potential Indiana Jones TV show for Disney+. It is unknown whether the show is a prequel, a spinoff, or somehow related to Indiana Jones 5.

Regardless of what happens with the newly developed series, Disney reportedly wants to expand the franchise with new shows, movies, and more. The potential Disney+ series would be the franchise’s second TV show, following The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which aired for two seasons from 1992 to 1993.

The development of a new show for Disney+ comes as Lucasfilm approaches the end of Harrison Ford’s tenure. Steven Spielberg and James Mangold created a story for Indiana Jones 5 that is intended to be his farewell.

Harrison Ford has even confirmed that this will be his final appearance as the famous archaeologist at D23 2022. This highlights the improbability of Ford’s involvement in a TV show. He has already taken on a new franchise role as Thunderbolt Ross in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The fact that the show will never be recast complicates Lucasfilm’s plans for a TV show. According to studio president Kathleen Kennedy, no one else will ever play Indiana Jones. So the old fan casts of Chris Pratt or Bradley Cooper taking over the role will not happen.

The fact that The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles already explored his earlier adventures may reduce Disney’s desire to revisit the same concept. This could imply that the new TV show does not feature the titular hero in any capacity, but instead focuses on a new lead.

More details about the upcoming series are unknown at this time. But the Mangold-directed film is set to be released on June 30, 2023. Meanwhile, stay tuned with us for more updates.

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