India Will Force WhatsApp, Facebook To Track Inappropriate Content Originators


The Indian government is moving forward to create a law that is going to impact nearly all social media apps and services.

As reported by TechCrunch, instant messaging apps and social media entities will be forced to identify and share details of a user who has posted any inappropriate content or has created any suspicious message threads.

The government will submit the new changes in the concerned laws to the Supreme Court by the end of January.

As per the reports, the suggested changes clearly say that social media companies such as FacebookWhatsApp, and Google will have to trace a content or message thread and identify the person initiating the thread.

Intermediary Guidelines

The draft containing intermediary guidelines says that enforcement agencies will be required to show up with a court order before trying to raise any requests or track the origin of the content.

If social media companies refuse to comply with the new rules, they might face legalities and end up paying heavy fines.

The intermediary guidelines state that a particular social media company will have 72 hours to trace the origin of a message thread or content after receiving the complaint. The guidelines also suggest instant messaging apps and social media companies create new technological tools to actively disable or remove public access to any sort of inappropriate content.

WhatsApp Comments On The Same

WhatsApp officials have said that they clearly understand the requirements of the Indian Government, but on the other side, the privacy of the users is their utmost priority.

The Facebook-owned instant messaging app said that it would try to follow the regulations created by the Indian Government in the best possible way by not keeping their users’ privacy at stake.

Nishit Raghuwanshi

Nishit Raghuwanshi

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