India Bans Xiaomi’s Mi Browser Pro Along With Other Chinese Apps


India has already banned 59 Chinese apps back in June followed by another round of ban imposed on another 47 apps that tried to mimic the originally banned apps. But it seems India’s campaign against Chinese apps has not ended yet as the government has struck down once again banning Xiaomi’s Mi Browser Pro.

Along with that, the English version of Tencent’s QQ chat app, and some of Baidu’s search apps have also been banned. But unlike the previous bans, the Indian government chose not to disclose the list of banned Chinese apps publicly this time. So it’s currently unclear just how many apps were struck down in the latest string of bans.

If we go by previous rumors, India was planning to ban up to 275 more apps which included the popular battle royale game PUBG.

Fortunately, for Xiaomi, the Mi Browser Pro app is not the default browser that comes preloaded on Xiaomi’s devices. However, it does comes pre-installed with all Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco smartphones in the country.

In India, there are about 90 million Xiaomi users so it was a close shave for the company. But we cannot say if the stock browser might not get banned in the future.

As far as Xiaomi’s response to the new development is concerned, the Chinese tech giant noted that it follows all data privacy laws in the country. The company says it is “working towards understanding the development and will take appropriate measures as required.”

Manisha Priyadarshini

Manisha Priyadarshini

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