This Image Holds $70,000 Worth Bitcoin; You Just Have To Find It!

bitcoin satoshi treasure

Bitcoin has been on a constant surge for the past few days and the digital cryptocurrency recently crossed the $10,000 mark, which is a feat considering the rapid decline it faced after 2018.

If you stopped investing money in Bitcoin after its steep fall, here’s your chance to earn $70,000 worth of Bitcoin by simply solving the puzzle in the image below.

Satoshi’s Treasure is an alternate reality scavenger hunt with the prize of Bitcoin worth $1 million. The puzzle involves players working together to find private keys hidden in the real world. The puzzle comes with several sidequests offering huge sums of Bitcoin as a reward. Each sidequest comes with a hint to ease the game.

Satoshi’s Treasure has released its fourteenth clue that comes in the form of an image. The one who unlocks the private keys hidden in the image will get three keys that would be helpful in winning the jackpot and the sidequest also comes with a reward of $70,000 worth of bitcoin.

Satoshi treasure bitcoin puzzle
Satoshi Treasure

A clue has also been released along with the image to help the seekers. “Don’t be so SNARKy” is the clue that comes with the image.

As per The Next Web, it could be a reference to the Zcash digital currency, which uses a proprietary technology called “ZK-Snarks” to protect cryptocurrency transactions.

You can read this article to get tips and tricks for solving the sidequests featured in Satoshi’s Treasure.

Tell us if you get any keys from the image. We might work as a team. ;)

Anmol Sachdeva

Anmol Sachdeva

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