Swift : Most In-demand Programming Language With 600 Percent Increase In Jobs


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Short Bytes: In a survey that covered tens of thousands of companies, it was revealed that Swift is the most in-demand programming language. Apple’s homegrown language has managed to record a 600 percent increase in freelance jobs in 2015.

The developers who have knowledge of Swift are the most in demand programmers over the past year, according to the latest data provided by freelance placement firm Toptal.

The firm looked at year-on-year growth in terms of job growth for each programming language and observed that requests for Swift programmers rose 600 percent in 2015, which is about three times the rate of other languages.

Talking about other languages, request for HTML projects grew by 267 percent, followed closely by C++ with 244 percent and CSS with 239 percent growth.

Here’s the complete top 10 list of Toptal:

  1. Swift                           600 percent
  2. HTML                         267 percent
  3. C++                             244 percent
  4. CSS                             239 percent
  5. PHP                            167 percent
  6. Sass                            142 percent
  7. Objective-C               138 percent
  8. Less                            137 percent
  9. XML                            125 percent
  10. Python                       120 percent

The freelance placement firm said that the list is based on the data from tens of thousands of companies that are hiring freelance developers. Another thing, this data doesn’t include the companies looking for a full-time developer — it just encompasses the freelance development.

If we talk about the complete scenario, Java and JavaScript are the most popular programming languages as they are widely used in app and web development.

It should be noted that Apple only released Swift in June 2014. Given a lower starting point, this high growth is expected in terms of popularity. Still, other surveys have indicated found that Swift has recorded an unprecedented growth among developers, becoming the most popular language on GitHub. The popularity of Swift has been accelerated even more with Apple’s decision to open-source the language.

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